Henna Travel Sampler

Henna Travel Sampler

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The perfect little travel companion!

3- Cones ( Need to be dye-released, can sit at about 70 degrees up to 24 hours before they will not stain. Stick in fridge up to 7 days, let dye release first for 2-4 hours and then freeze for ready to use paste. Or lastly freeze immediately, pull, thaw and let dye release to use.) 

Essential Oil - Currently Lavender 

Organic Raja Blend  Henna Powder - Rayna Art + Co exclusive powder 

25 Gram RECIPE 

25 Grams Raja Henna Powder 

2 TBSP Sugar ( adjust to humidity in your region) Approx. 2 sugar packets. 

1/4 cup Water ( adjust water for consistency and humidity) 

.05 oz Essential Oil (  See Travel Size ) 

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