Jagua SINGLE Cone  10 gram

Jagua SINGLE Cone 10 gram

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Fresh Jagua Paste is ready to use and stains a very dark blue. Jagua is NOT henna and stain instantly. But still takes 12-24 hours to oxidize into a full dark blue stain.  Jagua is not Black, just very dark blue and can appear black on areas that stain darker such as the hands and feet.   

Lasts 7 days refridgerated, or keep frozen until use. 

Please read about Jagua at www.raynaart.co  before purchasing. 

Jagua should NOT be used on those that have citrus allergies, are in high heat conditions,  consuming excessive amounts of alcohol as  allergic reactions may happen to research based on these conditions.  Jagua should only be used on ages 10+ . Always do a test patch before a large Jagua design.  If an allergic reaction may occur, take Benadryl or see a doctor.  Jagua is a highly acidic FRUIT. It is NATURAL  just like blueberries or strawberries.  

Jagua Paste is strictly natural and does not contain any chemicals. #jaguaisneverblack

Ingredients| Jagua, Organic Cassia, Sucrose, Lavender Essential Oil, Water 

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